Prank organization

Prank organization - an event that requires only a professional approach. After all, a practical joke is an imitation of a life situation by professional actors. Remember childhood! Each of us at least once in his life tried to arrange a prank. Only a nail in the chair, glue in shoes or toothpaste on a neighbor's face are childish jokes! But the prank with a lot of positive emotions, laughter and a happy end at the final is quite another thing! A good joke must be well prepared. And before we write the draw script, we carefully collect the "dossier" for the one being played. We have an exclusively individual approach. The prank may have a different note. The most popular is a romantic joke. Extreme joke is suitable for managers, wealthy people, businessmen. Such a prank will shake them up, distract from busy working days. You can play one person or a group of people. With the help of the practical joke, you can even reconcile the warring parties. The prank can last from several minutes to several days. Call us to order a prank and enjoy its spectacular denouement! The main thing! You are guaranteed to get an explosion of emotions and a huge stock of the best mood!

Birthday prank

A birthday party prank is a great gift! Especially if you do not know what to give to a person who has practically everything, who is difficult to surprise with something, or when you consider that such a gift as a joke is better than material gifts. You will be absolutely right if you decide to order a birthday joke. And you will be doubly right if you entrust us with the organization of the prank. We will offer you various variants of the prank, having previously got acquainted closer with the hero of the occasion, in absentia of course. Call us! Even if it is necessary to arrange the prank for the birthday tomorrow, we will find a quick option that does not require lengthy preparation. And with enough time to prepare we will make such a joke that the birthday person will not immediately understand that he or she is being played! The effect of such the practical joke is predictable - joyful laughter, good mood, positive charge for the whole year.

Order the prank

Call us to order the prank! We will not describe the variants of the pranks intentionally because each prank is individual. Prank on a man's birthday will be completely different from the prank for a woman. Believe, we have something to surprise you! We guarantee absolute certainty, since the prank makers are professional actors. The cost of the prank depends on how long it will last, on the complexity of the performance, on the number of involved characters, on the complexity of the preparation. Preparation for the drawing begins with the writing of the script. A script writing with a careful study of the playable. We care about any little things that are the main components. We are happy to implement any of your ideas, if it does not contradict the law, does not cause harm to the health played out, and does not contradict our principles about the joke. In our pranks there is only positive direction. Hurry up to order the drawing, until you yourself not have been played with our help!


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Organization of pranks


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