Sand animation

Sand animation is a popular component of the show program at a festive event. Yes it can not even be called a show program. This is sand art in the hands of a skilled artist is a worthy decoration of any holiday. And if you want to surprise your guests with something special, you should definitely order Sand Animation from us. You can order sand animation for any holiday.

We can offer you several options for sand animation

With help of special sand on glass the artist creates a drawing as on a canvas, modifies it, draws it, erases it and paints it again. And all these you are watching on the screen. And the selected music beautifully frames this process. It turns into such a unique sand animation.

For mass holidays - the general theme of the holiday is observed..

We will transform your lamp into a unique piece of art. You will not find this anywhere else. Drawing is applied with the help of sand on the glass light panel and fixed with a special compound. Under the refraction of light rays, the picture gets a surprisingly soft, cozy light.

Sand animation is performed with special sand, both in classic color and in different colors. Pictures and videos made with colored sand look very beautiful and vital..

Call us! We will answer all your questions and help you choose the most appropriate for you way of sand animation.

Sand animation for corporate party

You can order sand animation for corporate party in the form of a live performance of the artist or in the form of a video. Each company has its own history. It is very interesting to create stories for enterprises with a long history. The team that works at present time may not know how the enterprise was created bit by bit. And history performed in the form of sand animation they will watch with pleasure. Or, for example, if an enterprise is young, in sand animation you can display the goals and objectives of the enterprise. It would even be better to fix the history of the company by creating a video. This video of sand animation can be put on the company's website which will give the site and the enterprise status. Over time you can order a sand animation clip with changes and achievements. So you will create a history of the enterprise not only in thoughts or dry figures but in a beautiful film made with sand. Such a film can be shown to the team and guests any time.

Sand animation for wedding

Sand animation for wedding is increasingly becoming an alternative to time and cost consuming LoveStory video. Sand animation videos are especially popular because they remain in your memory. They can be viewed directly at wedding with guests. But, as a rule, the bride and groom are so excited that the next day they don’t remember all the details. A video can be viewed the next day, and a year later, and then the kids will watch it.

Sand animation for wedding in the form of a live performance by the artist, of course, is a fascinating sight. Perfect oprion is to order a live performance of sand animation, and order a video. Live performance is a great part of the show program. And the newlyweds themselves can take part in the process, putting their signatures in the sand at the end of the artist's performance.

With the help of sand animation a love story is transmitted from the very acquaintance to the proposal of marriage. This is definitely impossible to reproduce by video for several days.

Therefore, ordering sand animation for wedding is the best solution for recreating a love story.

Sand animation for birthday party

Ordering sand animation for birthday is a great gift. Sometimes you are puzzled over what to give to your best friend, or boss, or parents, or spouse for a birthday. The time of carpets and sets is past. Money! It is also not always convenient to present as a gift. There is a solution! Order congratulatory sand animation video! A thousand times we have seen the eyes of a birthday man who has received such gift. They shone with admiration! And such gift will definitely be liked and will be kept for a long long time.

Sand animation master class

To order master class of sand animation will be interesting for both children and adults. We have already told you how it is possible to present sand animation at a holiday. And now, we present you a unique opportunity to try to draw a picture or a plot yourself. Having tried once, you will never forget these feelings! Draw, create and enjoy this kind of art. You can order sand animation master class for both small and large companies.

Sand animation workshop for children will entice your children who love to draw and play with sand. Combining these two hobbies each child will be able to draw a picture of his dream.

Sand animation workshop for adults - entertainment for the sophisticated ones. Such master classes unite teams, bring pleasure from communication with friends. When will you have the opportunity to create something joint to show your individuality during the holiday? Take advantage of our service! Enjoy such a leasure time!

We have possiility to put 10 tables at the same time. Therefore, even if you have a large number of guests at your party, believe me, everyone will be able to try themselves in this kind of art.

Sand animation cost in Kiev

For the performance of the artist will need a free space of 2x2m, a projector or another screen and possibility to dim the light.

For the performance of the artist will need a free space of 2x2m, a projector or another screen and possibility to dim the light.

Cost does not include the transportation costs of the artist.

How sand animation is created in our agency?

Preparation consists of the following steps:

As you can see, it takes a certain amount of time to prepare for the artist’s performance or to create a video or picture. Therefore, it is better to pre-order sand animation. 


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Sand animation

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