Paper show

Order a paper show is a must if you want your event to end with an incredible incendiary disco in a whirlwind of snow-white paper and golden confetti. The whole show program "Paper show" is accompanied by modern incendiary music, under which it is simply impossible to sit still. And in tandem with an avalanche of paper - it is so cool that it defies any description. Emotions! Only joyful emotions! This is what you feel with our Paper Show.

The “Paper Show” program is suitable for organizing any event: a corporate party, a wedding, a birthday, a children's holiday. There are no age or status restrictions for the Paper Show.

Paper show for a corporate party

If you are still thinking of ordering something for a corporate party, in order to be within in the budget and make the team happy - the only advice: order the Paper show! This is a great end to the holiday! After all, it is pleasant to complete a corporate party with a disco. So do it in a huge amount of paper and a catchy music. Even if your team is a little tired of table toast, believe me, everyone will rise to the paper disco! Even the gloomy and formidable guard service and your serious director turn into a young student! No need to invite anyone to dance under the gaze of the team. Dance by yourself, throw paper and get maximum pleasure from it!

Paper show for a wedding


Order a paper wedding show - becomes a good tradition of our newlyweds. Just imagine what pictures you will get! Beautiful bride in the embrace of snow-white paper. All the guests had a rather difficult, but very joyful day since the morning. So come off in full at the end of your wedding celebration! Huge white balloons flying overhead, rain of golden confetti and the sea, no, ocean of snow-white paper - all this is our Paper show, under the guidance of beautiful showmen in snow-white suits! Can't imagine it? Of course! Only if you order a paper show for a wedding - you will get the feelings that we described to you. Call and order right now!

Paper show for a birthday party

You have gathered on your birthday the most dear and closest people to you. Usually these are people of different ages, someone has already come with children, with different hobbies. Paper show will unite everyone! Dance, enjoy communication with each other! And if suddenly someone does not know how to dance, so it is not scary. Paper madness will replace the most incendiary dances. From young to old, believe me absolutely everyone will like the paper birthday show.

Paper show for a choldren's holiday

A paper show at a children's party is a way out of childish energy to the delight of amazed parents and the children themselves get so much pleasure from this madness that they are ready to behave themselves all the next year for only the paper show could be ordered for the children's birthday again. You will never see anything like this anywhere (and we do not recommend you to repeat it at home)! Children will dance in paper, throw paper, burrow into it headlong, run and jump and tumble. And the paper show is accompanied with popular music with professional showmen.

We divided the Paper show into five programs. You can easily order a paper show by reviewing our program options.

Call us! Get advice before ordering a paper show in Kiev.

Scobki verh

   Package "Kids"

30kg. specialized paper

3 artists

3 kg. confetti

3 huge balls

Duration: 30 minutes.

Recommended: up to 15 people.


Scobki verh

   Пакет "Standard"

60kg. specialized paper

4 artists

4 kg. confetti

4 huge balls

Duration: 40 minutes.

Recommended: up to 50 people.

Cost: 9900 UAH.

Scobki verh

Пакет "Optimum"

110kg. specialized paper

4 artists

6 kg. confetti

8 huge balls

Duration: 40 minutes..

Recommended: up to 100 people.

Cost: 13000 UAH.

Scobki ve

   Пакет "Premium"

140kg. specialized paper

5 artists

8 kg. confetti

10 huge balls

Duration: 45 minutes.

Recommended: up to 150 people.

Cost: 17000 UAH.

Scobki verh

    Пакет "Maxi"

200kg. specialized paper

5 artists

10 kg. confetti

15 huge balls

Duration:45 minutes.

Recommended: up to300people.

Cost:25000 UAH.



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Paper show

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