Magician for a party

A magician on event is a great entertainment for guests. The presence of the magician will add mystery to your event. Modern magicians are so diverse and virtuoso that they will satisfy even the sophisticated viewer. We will select for you the most appropriate illusionist for the party, taking into account the audience and the format of your event.

You can order a magician to meet guests, i.e. at the very beginning of the event: corporate party, wedding or birthday. Or if you have a planned event format in the form of a buffet table, the magician will perfectly fit into such environment.

Micromagic - this format is perfect for the beginning of the holiday. While guests gather for a celebration the illusionist will entertain them from close distance. After all, micromagic is tricks with small objects: cards, coins, napkins and even with your objects, in direct contact with people. Such a magician's performance will conditionally reduce the waiting time for the start of the celebration and at the same time entertain the guests, as if preparing them for a more ambitious show program. Therefore, we recommend ordering a magician for a holiday at the very beginning. If you have a presentation, exhibition or advertising campain, we also recommend ordering a magician with the micromagic.

Stage performance of magician - impress your guests with a unique show program. Each of the magicians - illusionists is unique in this kind of art. Taking into account your wishes, we will invite for you exactly the one who will meet all your requirements. You may want to "cut off the head" to someone of the guests or someone to fly for a while. The skill of a professional illusionist allows you to mix and split grains of sand, make tables fly, animate pigeons from pictures, jump soccer balls from iPads and even bend laser beams. Our description of virtuoso magicians is more than modest compared to what you have to see with your own eyes and touch with your own hands.

We offer:

Magician for a corporate party

Order a magician for a corporate events both with micromagic to meet guests and with stage performance.

Even the best organization of the holiday can not guarantee arrival of the team to the banquet at the same time. The magician will fill this very pause between arrival and beginning of the banquet in the best way. For this, it is better to order a magician with micromagic. So he will be able to involve almost all the guests gradually. If your team is big enough then invite few magicians. In this case, from the very first minute your colleagues will feel the attention and the rise of the festive mood even after a hard working day.

Magician for a wedding

Order a magician for the wedding. At the wedding there is always a small pause while guests are waiting for arrival of the bride and groom. The magician with micromagic will help to fill it in and distract guests from the anxious waiting. A stage performance should be ordered for the banquet itself, so that the newlyweds could admire his skills.

Magician for a birthday party

Ordering a magician for a children's birthday is to immerse the children's holiday in real magic. Children by nature are dreamers, just like magicians. Only a magician at a children's party embodies his fantasies in interesting action for children. Now they have a rabbit out of a hat, then the balls jump out of their mouths, the rope breaks, then it turns out to be whole again. Magic! Your children will love only this kind of magic. Nothing beats the pleasure and joy of a child watching the magic happening.

Call us and we will help you choose and order a magician for a holiday.


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