Neon show

EON SHOW - confidently took a worthy place in the entertainment program at the events. The advantage of the neon show is that you can organize a performance almost anywhere at any time. For the neon show there is enough dance floor in the restaurant and off lights. And professional dancers in special costumes will show you an incredible dance. The neon show that we offer you to order for a holiday is created by talented performers and became the winner of the “Talent Show” in Ukraine and in Poland. They embodied a unique technology which contained LED, neon and laser in their show. Neon show is performed by five professional dancers.

The duration of the Neon show is 15 minutes. It consists of a dance act and an interactive program with guests.

Cost of the neon show – 22000UAH.

Drummers' show -  itis is a neon LED show, a symbiosis of bright lights and professional drummers. At the first beats, not only the music comes to life, but the drums themselves. The drummers' shows do not just beat off the shot - they play popular music or the music you order them to play.

The Drummers' Show will be performed by two professional artists, dancers.

The Drummers' Show can also be interactive. Guests of the party together with the artists can try to beat off their favorite rhythm on the LED drums.

The duration of the show drummers with interactive - 15 min.

Continuing show to meet guests - 30 min.

The cost is 22000 UAH.

Neon show for corporate party

You can order a neon show for a corporate party in two versions:

Neon show for wedding

Just imagine how beautiful and graceful the newlyweds enter the banquet hall to the sounds of drumming, emitting an incredible light. This is not just exclusive! It is incredibly solemn and impressive! Just for the sake of this moment you should order the SHOW OF NEON DRUMERS!

However it is better to order a NEON SHOW for opening a dance break. Artists will perform a fascinating dance and invite guests to the dance floor. You will be able to dance with them at the same time participating in this unique show. In addition, luminous sticks can be purchased for guests. One can only dream of such a dance pause! Call, order a neon show and have a lot of fun, have fun dancing with neon dancers.

You can diversify the entertainment program for guests if you order the show of drummers. Two professional artists will show you the performance by playing your favorite tune and then you will have opportunity to try it yourself. 20 guests (this number of LED reels is provided for interactive) will be able to perform their favorite tune. You can even arrange a drum battle between the guests! Here you have a new, unique entertainment for guests!

Neon show for kids party

NEON SHOW PERFORMANCES - especially for children's audience, wonderful show acts are created for both girls and boys. They will be a great addition to the main children's entertainment program.

Another novelty for children! Luminous neon performance, which lasts 50-55 minutes. Such a performance is perfect for a children's matinee, and for children's birthday.

A neon show for children's holiday will exceed all your expectations and will deliver indescribable joy and delight to the kids!

Call and consult. We will select the best version of neon show for your holiday.

You can order a neon show by calling our company.


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Neon show

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