Professional holidays

We all love holidays! Order a professional holiday! Please yourself and your team!

We have long been accustomed to the common calendar holidays and prepare to celebrate them long before they occur. But every working inhabitant of the planet has a profession, is proud of it and works hard. Brighten up everyday work for professionals, celebrate their achievements, encourage, give mementoes. Professional holidays are intended to remind about yourself to others, to encourage existing customers, to attract potential partners . There are lot of them! Almost every day you can celebrate a professional holiday!

Open the calendar and book at us the date of your professional holiday!

Call us! And we will tell you how to celebrate the holiday beautifully for any profession. In addition, the celebration of professional holidays allows employees to open up in an informal atmosphere, which very much unites employees into a single, strong team.

On this holiday, you will receive another reason to summarize the development of the industry, outline ways of development, and reward the best in your business.

The main thing! Professional holidays should be celebrated professionally. Call! Our team of professionals is ready to organize your holiday!

Almost most of the world celebrates professional holidays in major sectors of the economy. There is a massive information flow on the eve of such holidays: the miner's day, the day of the power engineer, the day of the metallurgist, etc. But we have a lot of professions whose services we use day by day. So let's not forget about them, about yourself.

Remind you of some professional holidays, we encounter people of these professions almost every day..

Calendar of professional holidays in Ukraine

January 29 Fire Service Day
Fabruary 6 International Bartender's Day
Fabruary 9 International Dentist's Day
March 3 World Writer's Day
March 9 International DJ Day
March 15 Housing and maintainance service Day
March 21 International Day of the puppeteer
March 23 World Meteorology Day
March 23 Culture and Arts worker's Day
March 25 Security Service of Ukraine Day
March 26 Miniiistry of Internal Affairs' Day
April 12 Rocket and Space Workers Day
April 12 International Day of Cosmonautics and Aviation
May 12 World Medical staff Day
May 20 Banker's Day
May 28 Border Guard's Day
June 6 Journalist Day of Ukraine
June 7 Day of Water Farming workers' of Ukraine
June 12 Broker's Day
June 21 Medicine Worker's Day
June 25 Day of the customs officer of Ukraine
July 1st Day of the architect of Ukraine
July 1st Investigator's Day
July 2nd Day of the taxes and fees service worker of Ukraine
July 5 Day of sea and river transport workers
July 5 Day of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine
July 5 Day of the Naval Forces of Ukraine
July 12 Fisherman's Day
July 16 Day of the accountant and auditor
July 19 Metallurgy Industry Worker's Day
July 26 Trade Day
August 9 Builder's Day
August 30 Miner's Day
September 13 Tankman's Day
September 13 IT worker's Day
September 13 Day of the oil and gas industry worker's
September 16 Human Resoursses Department worker's Day
September 19 Pharmacist day
September 20 Forestry Day
September 27 Day of workers of preschool educational institutions
September 27 Mechanical Engineer Day
October 4 Teacher's Day
October 5 International Doctor's Day
October 5 World Architect's Day
October 8 Ukrainian Lawyer's Day
October 11 Arrtist's Day
October 20 International Air Traffic Controller Day
October 23 Advertising worker's Day
October 25 Motorist's day
October 29 Day of private security service employees
October 30 Day of Fiscal Service of Ukraine
November 4 Railway Worker's Day
November 4 Day of National Guard of Ukraine
November 14 Day of agricultural workers
November 16 Day of radio, television and communications workers
November 21 World Television Day
December 1 Day of prosecutors
December 13 World Children's Television and Radio Day
December 15 Day of Court Workers
December 19 Lawyer's Day
December 20 Police Day
December 22 An energy worker's day

We will offer you a unique, non-standard solution for holding any of the list of professional holiday.

Holding professional holidays

Order at our agency! We have something to surprise and please! We have no limits of imagination and possibilities! For each profession we will offer an interesting concept, develop a detailed scenario, find a suitable venue, organize with pathos, solemn part of the holiday, develop and produce commemorative awards, provide the best presenter and organize an entertainment program. With us you will feel the rise of the professional spirit, feel the joy of your profession, no matter how difficult it is.

Call us! And we will calculate the organization of a professional holiday specifically for your event.. 

What is included in the calculation part? 

Call! We are already preparing for you the perfect offer for a perfect holiday!


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Professional holidays organization


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