Events organization

Smile!!! You are waited by Positive and Great Mood! You want to paint the world with bright colors and dream of a perfect holiday? Call or come to the Oscar Event Agency! Events organization for us is not just infinitely favorite work! This is lifestyle! It gives us joy and positive! And it does not matter in Kiev, Lviv, Prague, London, Paris, New York or Bali! We create for you only bright occasions!

Holding an event

Do you want to stay in a wonderful mood at your holiday, to gladly smile, relax, enjoy with what is happening and receive compliments from the guests? Excellent! Call us! For your convenience, the event agency Oscar Art Group offers holiday organization on a turk-key basis. Our event agency deals with all the stages of organizing and holding a holiday: from the development of an individual concept to the final stage of the event - we will take care of everything! The workers of Oscar Event Agency love the words “holiday, script, timing, sound check”! You will appreciate how the team of professionals work smoothly! Our team knows special secrets! The holiday passes without fuss and chaos, but with a clear coordination of the process.Need organization of corporate party Kiev, prom, wedding, birthday, family day, children's holiday, city day, festival, opening a residential complex or car dealership? Order your holiday at us and get ready to relax! You will 100% get: an interesting concept and an individual script; the best emcees (we will open a secret to you - the atmosphere of the holiday depends on the emcee); popular artists and DJs; impressive show; stylish design; catering; fireworks; PR support; high-quality photos and videos. Call us! We know how to surprise our customers

Event Agency Oscar

Event-agency Oscar Art Group is in the TOP "The Best Event-Agencies of Kiev". Our clients are successful, creative, funny, cheerful! They love life and trust us to organize excellent holidays! Having a lot of good impressions, they become our regular customers and friends! And this is the best evaluation of our work!It is very easy to learn more about the services of "event organization" and "event organization prices" from the Oscar Art Group Event Agency. Call us! Or within 15 seconds fill out the application on the site! We will call you back, and you will not have time to look back, as if by a wave of a magic wand you and your guests will be taken to a perfectly organized and peculiar holiday!

Event Agency Oscar Kiev - when you want something special!

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Business events


We create image events with flawless organization for those who value their time and money.

Conceptual, thought out to the smallest detail event.

With us it is a reasonable investment in your own Style, Comfort and Success.

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Need a cool corporate event organization?

We will impress, surprise, inspire you!

We will reasonably approach the budget.

We have everything for the perfect corporate party.

You will be 100% satisfied!

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The event is to be of some kind like "Goodbye school"?

Your kids shout "We are adults!!" and want to party like adults?

Do not remove children from the screens!

Let them see that they cannot get away from a fashionable and unreal bright event! We do not make any other!

Only true exclusive events!

The prom with us is something outstanding!!!

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Do you want a bright, large-scale event?

Amazing coincidence!

Frankly in love with our work, in a good way crazy organizers will save you from all the difficulties in its organization and conduct!

Enjoy the wonderful event and be absolutely sure that everything is as it should be!

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Family events


For us your occasion is the most important, and you are special!

We will make it: bright, positive, creative.

A family event organized by us will be the very event!

And for you organizing the event will be comfortable and enjoyable.

We will do more than you expect from us.

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We ask boring people and people without a sense of humor to leave!

This is the space for fantasy and subtle humor!

With us it is NECESSARY to create and embody the craziest ideas!!!

We generate only bright IMPRESSIONS AND EMOTIONS!!

Who knows, maybe right now we are pranking you too?

Get ready to be surprised!

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