Illuminoids are exclusive, unique, impressive show created by luminous robots. Do you want to feel as if you were transported to a fantastic future? Do you want to get unforgettable impressions and impress your guests? Call and you will immediately receive all this and even a little more.

Robots show/ Dancing robot

The industry of organizing holidays is full of various shows and the inexperienced viewer always has something to choose. But what to do if it becomes more and more difficult for you to choose your entertainment each time, have you seen most of the shows and you have little to surprise? We found the answer to this question! The show of robots Illuminoids is ideal solution for any holiday and age. Each dancing robot instantly receives attention of all guests and does not let go until the end of the performance.

Dancing robots

Dancing robots amaze not only with their movements but also with magnificent illumination because they seem to consist of light themselves. Moreover, they have the unique ability to change the color of their wonderful glow depending on their or even your mood! Is your favorite color red? No problem! How many shades of red did you know before? You will see them all! Or maybe you have several corporate colors and you want to see them all in the show? Our Illuminoids can reproduce all colors and shades!

If you want a LED show or a neon show for yourself at the event, then the performance of luminous robots is perfect for you! The whole show consists of constant dynamics and light effects and the possibility of holding a photo session will be a nice bonus!

Laser show

In addition to this incredible light show the Illuminoids prepared an incredible laser show. These robots not only masterly own the lasers themselves, but also bring to your attention fantastic, astounding, defying the laws of physics tricks with laser beams.

Robots for an event

Another big plus of the Illuminoid show is that it fits any event. Children's birthday, anniversary, corporate event, wedding - the show will not just perfectly complement the planned program, but will be its key point! Give yourself and your guests an unforgettable journey to the fascinating fantasy world!

Do you want your holiday to succeed? If your guests are incredible robots, the event will not be left bored!

Robot dance

Of course, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times and you will certainly have such opportunity, you only need to call us! You will see that the dance of the robot is fascinating not only by its singularity, but also by the beauty of the play of light.

They say that you can endlessly look at a few things: how the fire burns, how the water flows and how the salary is paid. We are surely adding another item to this list - endlessly, you can also watch the Illuminoids performance! Starting to look at these fantastic robots, you certainly don’t want to take your eyes off them!

Robot costume

We offer not just another novelty and entertainment! We offer a sea of emotions and impressions! Why are we so sure in what we say? Everything is very simple: we ourselves are delighted and we see reaction of our customers. Each robot costume is nothing less than a work of modern art. You can verify this by calling us.

Robots show Kiev

Do you want to experience incredible emotions and see the unique, amazing and incredible robots show? Kiev has not seen this yet. Call and order your unforgettable impressions from us!



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